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End march- beginning of April, bears are getting out of their den. Valeri, an old male , is often the first one to appear to the photographing and watching hides in Vartius , Kuhmo, Finland.Bear watching and photographing start...

For few hours of waiting, finally a raptor appear front of the hide. Ravens and hooted crows were since the principal actors. A white tailed eagle was seating since sometime far away. A fox arrive on scene, quiet confident , he walk on swamp. Fox creating a diversion, the white tailde eagle came to get his cher.After a quiet time, one wolverine appear on forest line, cross swamp and get closer.Suddenly run away and stop after 70 m. Look back! Other side another wolverine coming....Wildlife safaris Kuhmo Finland

Wolverine visiting the predator watching and photographing hide, in Finland in Kuhmo area. Wolverine come regular every week.

Golden eagle at Vartius, Lentiira, Finland.4.3.2012