Wildlife holidays

Wildlife experiences in the taiga forest in Lentiira, east of Finland. Different programs for summer and winter times with a great opportunity to observe and photograph brown bears, wolverines, elk and if enough luck, also wolves and owls.

Bear Watching Experience

One night to observe up to 3 of big predators of Finland. Watch the brown bear in its natural environment, the wild taiga, is an unforgettable wildlife experience and of course for photograph enthusiasts an opportunity for a great shots from a comfortable and safe  specially designed Bear hides.

Moose safari

The Wild Taiga region in Kainuu, North Eastern region of Finland, invites nature enthusiasts and nature photographers to the evergreen taiga forests to look for the European Elk (Alces alces). The best season for watching elks is in may to mid-august and September while the autumnal array of striking color (ruska) is just starting through to the end of September.

Wild forest reindeer

The wild forest reindeer or Finnish caribou (rangifer tarandus fennicus) is the native reindeer from Finland and northwestern of Russia.They live in boreal taiga forest. Come to observe them during this wildlife safari.

Special Mammals 7 days/6 nights

During this wildlife holidays, you will have wonderful opportunities to discover, observe and photograph the mammals of the wild taiga of Finland. Wildlife safaris tours to observe brown bears, wolverine, wolves, elk, finnish caribou.

Capercaillie photography

Capercaillie photography . Snow covers the forest of Kuhmo up to 10th of May. The best season to see the lekking Capercaillie and Black Grouse is before the snow melts away, as snow reflects light. .

Wolverine photo safari

Wolverine photo safari is an opportunity to observe and photograph wolverine, a rare mammal of  the wild taiga forest of Arctic lakeland area.  To enjoy the quietness of the forest and ressource yourself .

Finland wildlife short break 5 days

A 5 days summer wildlife experiences trip in the taiga forest of Easthern Finland, with two nights in a bear/wolverine hide and accompanied with a local profesionnal wildlife guide.

B&B accommodation in Lentiira village and nice and peacefull  environment .

Wildlife holidays in october

Wildlife holidays in Finland in October can be very interesting: transition between autumn colours and first snow. Yes, winter coming and getting colder. Wildlife is filling up reserves to survive trhought  the arctic winter .

Taiga Spirit winter 7 days/6 nights

Winter is a magical season in Finland, not only because of Santa Claus and elves but the whole atmosphere of taiga forest in winter. Landscapes of magical lakes and forests and the animals that populate them.


Iberian lynx Spain

In the footsteps of the rarest feline in Europe - Andalusia was the last refuge of the Iberian lynx with 2 population centers in the Sierra Morena and Doñana. The population has increased from 90 individuals to more than 1600 individuals thanks to the conservation and protection measures put in place for more than twenty years through the LIFE program.